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Tough terrain calls for horse power
Horses are sometimes used where machines are impractical
Luther Gray, 73, of New Gloucester, leads his draft horses Doc and Chief as they pull a tree trunk off Egypt Road in Gray. Jeff Siegfriend of Acadia Tree Services in Gray said animal power is sometimes needed near vulnerable ecosystems or rough terrain. Michael Hartwell photo

By Michael Hartwell

Working on a project in his own backyard, Jeff Siegfried, owner of Acadia Tree Services in Gray, said there are still some things animals can do better than machines.

Clearing some trees behind his house to build a backyard, Siegfried said the ground is rough and uneven and is too close to a protected patch of wetlands to move the fallen trees with a skidder.

“The terrain doesn’t lend itself to that,” said Siegfried. He also said something like an oil leak would be too damaging ...

Courtesy of The Independent Vol. 2, No. 48 Gray-New Gloucester Edition. 

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